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Deadpool 3 Image w/ Wolverine in Yellow Tights

Deadpool 3 Image w/ Wolverine in Yellow Tights

The MCU and Disney have been having a lot of trouble lately.  The MCU is not a golden ticket any longer.  Disney and the MCU need to get back to making movies and show people stand in line to see.  They whiffed on Stage Four with many of their movies and some of their shows.

May 3, 2024 could get things jump-started back with Deadpool 3.  Not only is Ryan Reynolds back at the Merc with a Mouth aka Deadpool but also they are adding a couple of new exciting characters that have the internet buzzing.  Reynolds promised Wolverine would join him for Deadpool 3 and he has delivered the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and for the first time, he will wear the comic-accurate yellow tights/ spandex.  Fans are going crazy over the image above.

In an unexpected announcement, Deadpool 3 will also see the return of Jennifer Garner as Elektra.  It has been since 2005 since Garner has done the Elektra outfit. We remember how bad it was with the solo movie but hope runs eternal when bringing into a Deadpool movie.

We have been assured that Deadpool will continue to be the foul-mouthed R-Rated character that we knew prior to being owned by Disney.  Much of the backlash and dislike for Disney and parts of the MCU is the hypersensitivity focus.  Deadpool definitely isn’t sensitive as a character.

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