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DC Rebirth Teases Reboot?

Image via cosmicbooknews
Image via cosmicbooknews

Jim Lee and Dan Didio both tweeted the above image out.  With both Lee and Didio sending out the image, it has attracted a lot of attention.  See Lee’s tweet at the bottom of this article.

Strong speculation has DC Comics rebooting or relaunching their entire comic line again.  The comments in the tweets strongly lean toward a reboot and renumbering.  Several comic book sites like Bleeding Cool are reporting that Rebirth is relaunch of the comic book line this summer.  This would occur just 5 years after the “soft reboot” of the DC Universe with the New 52.  Some speculate that the final issue of those original New 52 comics that still exist will be issue number 52.

Last summer’s big DC event Convergence opened up the previous tightly held continuity of the New 52.  The continuity was a bit confusing especially with Batman and all the Robins.  Now stories can happen outside of continuity.

One of the speculations will have the comics come into align with the DC Movie universe, which will kick into high gear this summer with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.   The television universe may influence the comics too.

Bleeding Cool is also reporting a few changes coming with Rebirth.  There will be a New Titans book but will not include the term “Teen”.  Scott Snyder will leave Batman and take over as the writer on Detective Comics.

Some fans have eagerly anticipated a relaunch of the DC New 52 back to the post Crisis DC Universe.  They want the Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and all the others back to the characters they loved.  If the rumors and speculation are correct, it doesn’t look like this relaunch will get them what they want.

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