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Dan Nokes Releases a new “Chicken Battered & Fried” Graphic Novel

Dan Nokes Releases a new “Chicken Battered & Fried” Graphic Novel

Dan Nokes who I met and interviewed 4 Months ago, has released his a follow up novel to his book Chicken:USDA Rejected. the new novel is titled Chicken:Battered and Fried, and it is 140 or so pages of hilarity. Chicken takes a road trip to Florida, and he winds up as a Roadie for the Horror Punk Rock Band Bulah Legosi & The Ex-Wives of Dracula. This book has everything in it, Rednecks, Cops, Parents Rights Groups, Florida’s Governor, and even The Phantom of The Phone Book Distribution Center.  Basically Dan has thrown the kitchen sink at the wall and everything stuck. The Novel is 122 pages, and the rest of the book is inks by other comic artists such as Tim Shinn etc. You can purchase the book in PDF form for $5 at https://www.21sandshark.com/e-books.

His Website also offers print copies of other books, prints, T-shirts and even a link to contact him about commissions. Dan will also make appearances at the following conventions

KhromaCon in Baltimore, MD, March 1st-3rd

AwesomeCon in Washington DC, March 9th-11th

Annapolis ComicCon, In Annapolis, MS, April 6th

Dan is also on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Ko-fi etc. He also has a Patreon Page, and his website has all those links

Website – https://www.21sandshark.com/

Dan is a great guy to talk to, and very welcoming. If you buy something at one of his appearances, he will take your picture, and share it via social media. I highly recommend stopping buy his booth and picking something up.


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