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CW’s The Flash Announces Title “Flashpoint” for Season 3 Première

TV Trailer: The Flash (Revenge of the Rogues)
Grant Gustin, The Flash‘s Barry Allen/Flash, tweeted out the title for Season 3 Première episode. This title is huge for fans of the Flash and DC Comics. It is “Flashpoint”.

In the comics, Flashpoint happens after Barry goes back in time and saves his mother from the Reverse Flash. This changes the timeline. Barry ends up in a present where he has no powers, Bruce Wayne’s father- Thomas is Batman because Bruce was killed and he wasn’t, the Aquaman lead Atlantean army against the Wonder Woman lead Themyscira army of Amazons.After the Flash fixes this, the DC Universe is totally rebooted.

How will this play out in CW Universe?  I cannot wait to find out.

(Via Comicbook.com)

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