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CW Cancels Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow

CW Cancels Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow

Two more of DC Comic’s “Arrowverse” series have been recently canceled by the CW.  Both Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow have been canceled by the CW.  This leaves only The Flash and Superman and Lois as the series left in the Arrowverse.

This news is not surprising.  Batwoman‘s rating have been horrible and some of the worst of all time.  Legends of Tomorrow has run for seven seasons, which is a good long run for any series especially on the CW.

There have been many rumors that Warner Bros are looking to sell of the CW to a buyer.  The CW hasn’t been making much money for Warner.  This parting of some of the Warner owned DC Comic series seems to be further evidence that a parting may be coming.

It does appear the majority if not all of the new DC Comics content will be added through HBO Max.

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