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Create you own Funko POP! if you are into that kind of thing

I gotta admit, I find it fascinating what Funko comes up with when they create their POP! miniatures.  From the expected choices like Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman vs Superman to old classics like Batman ’66, they have some very cool characters.  I do, however, find some of their choices a bit out there like the line of Golden Girls POP!s.

Anyway, if you ever thought, “I would make a cool POP!”, then Funko has you covered.  Their POP! Yourself online app lets you build an avatar of yourself any way you want, well mostly, and it really is kinda fun.  You can see mine on this post and it pretty much looks like I do most of the time.

You can create multiple POP!s and, if you sign up for an account, save them to edit later.  You can also download them for use on Facebook, Twitter, or like I did here, in your own blog posts.

<edit> My wife said I wasn’t nearly as grey as the original POP! showed so we made a new one. </edit>

Funko POP! Yourself

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