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Comic Crossover- DC’s Green Lantern & IDW’s Star Trek


According to CBR, DC Comics and IDW Publishing are joining forces to create a crossover of galactic proportions.  The Green Lantern Corp, galactic police force with green power rings, will team up with crew of the flagship of the Federation, the Enterprise (current Film Franchise crew).  They will join forces for the Spectrum War.

IDW and DC made this announcement at Wonder Con.  The miniseries will debut in July.  Mike Johnson will write the crossover.  Angel Hernández will be the artist.

This is not the first time Star Trek has crossover with DC.  A few years ago, there was a Star Trek/ Legion of Superheroes crossover.  I was very interested in that but never did read it.  I am not sure how crossing the Lanterns with the Trek universe will go but it at least a really KOOL idea.

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