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Comic Book Review: The Paranormal Misadventures of Zombie Dave

Comic Book Review: The Paranormal Misadventures of Zombie Dave

Zombies have been everywhere in the last several years. The popularity of The Walking Dead and iZombie has lead to the resurgence brain eating un-dead.  But this popularity has been waning.  Can a indie comedy comic featuring a zombie be the comic you have been looking for?

Zombie Dave-Issue # 1-4
Stone Pi Comics
Writer: Matt Decker
Artist: Matt Decker
Colorist: Matt Decker

Plot: (Major Plot Spoilers)

In a post apocalyptic world, the Management attempts to save the world and undo the evil that The Corporation inflicted on humanity.  The blue faced Will aka Number 9 is the leader of this ragtag group.  Saving the world can be expensive.  They have to finance it with a ramshackle t-shirt company.

Dave is a genius designer for the Management and helps them design awesome T-Shirts to stay in business.  But Dave has some challenges.  Firstly, Dave is a Zombie.  His hungry is controlled by eating Pork Rinds.  Dave has some attention and motivation issues.  He is obsessed with a Deck Building Card Game called “Monkey Empire Roy Al Dynasty Edition”.

Over the four issues, Zombie Dave and his friends at The Management have several misadventures.  Dave gets sucked into a realm from the card game with Cheetamonkullis from the game.  Cheetamonkullis needs a special card in Dave’s deck to intact revenge on Mages of the Beach, the card game company.

They have to face Dr. Richard Cranium, leader of the Corporation.  He rolls up in a tank, attack robots, and some special Magic.  The gang have to bring in some friends to help them out of this situation.

There are a ton of rabbits that our heroes chase during these 4 issues.

The art style reminds me of a mix of Keith Giffen’s Amush Bug and his run on Justice League .  It is a fun and at times zany art.  Some panels are loaded with details and others are close up looks at the characters.  The characters are realistically drawn but not the uber-realistic look.

The art really works with the wacky story.  It is a great fit for the storytelling of this imaginative wild story.


This story is bizarre and nuts but in a great way.   It is in the vain of Ambush Bug, Legion of Substitute Heroes, Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew, and Deadpool.  You have to just buy into the fun of the story without over analyzing it.

This story is full of geek humor.  It pokes fun at everything from Deck Building Card games, to D&D, and all over the place.   When you are controlling a zombie’s hunger with Pork Rinds, you have my attention.  It is a love story to geeks through humor.



I have always loved a good humor comic.  Ambush Bug is one of my favorites.  This comic series has the same wonderful humorous feel.  It didn’t fully hit the mark with the above name comics but came close.

It is a fun ride for anyone that enjoy humor comics.  You should check it out. If you don’t have a sense of humor, this is not the book for you.


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