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Comic Artist Tim Sale Passes Away

Comic Artist Tim Sale Passes Away

Comic Book Artist and creator Tim Sale passed away today at age 66 years old.  This was announced on Twitter from Sale’s pervious account that is now known as “Remembering Tim Sale”.  Last week, DC Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Jim Lee announced on Twitter that Tim was seriously sick.

Tim Sale was an Eisner-award winning comic book artist.  He was influence as an artist of his generation.  Sale had a distinct style. He is well known for several works for both Marvel and DC Comics.  Jeph Loeb was often Sale’s writing partner and together have put out many amazing comic books like Batman: The Long Halloween; Batman: Dark Victory; Superman for All Seasons and Catwoman: When in Rome; Daredevil: Yellow; Spider-Man: Blue; Hulk: Gray and Captain America: White to name a few.

Rest In Peace, Tim Sale. You will be greatly missed.

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