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College of Wizardry LARP  (Harry Potter)

College of Wizardry LARP (Harry Potter)

College of Wizardry LARP
College of Wizardry
 is a Live Action Role Play (LARP).  They are a Harry Potter themed LARP.   You can join them on April 16 – 19, 2015 at Czocha Castle, Poland.   They have room for 114 participants who will be divided up into different houses.

The College of Wizardry  will provide you most of the essentials to role play your character.  You will stay in the Castle as a part of this event.

This would be so awesome.  There is no way for me attend but it would be a blast.  It is so very KOOL!  If you are interested, check out the information below and watch the video and then go to their website: College of Wizardry

Harry Potter feel

We want the larp to feel like you’re stepping into the world of Harry Potter. Emotional drama, school rivalry, young adults fighting the battles of adults, and occasional comedy are all part of the experience. We can not recreate the special effects of the movies, but we can recreate quite a lot of the visual feel – and not least the drama.

Play to lose

We want drama, escalation of conflicts and de-escalation back to normalcy again. We want intrigues and friendships. And most of all, we want to make sure that all players know that here it’s more fun playing to lose – you’ll get better drama and awesome scenes.

Behave nicely

We’ve secured a magnificent castle for our larp, but this means that we also need to respect the location. Don’t play around with the interior or run through the halls waving your wands. We will have plenty of space for actual physical stuff, so don’t dance on tables.

Conflicts don’t end

In the Harry Potter stories, we knew that Harry and Draco hated each other from Day One. Seven books and seven years later, that conflict hadn’t ended, though there had been many incidents where it could have. In the College of Wizardry, conflict doesn’t end – it just goes on hold for a while.

Different playing styles

College of Wizardry gathers players from many different playing cultures. For us this is a celebration of the diversity of the international larping communities, and we see the different play styles as a bonus – not a problem. Sometimes this causes culture clashes, but we do our best to handle these. In the end, we think bringing so many people together is a great thing, even though it’s not completely unproblematic.  (College of Wizardry)

(Via The Mary Sue)

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