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Children’s Graphic Round-Up

Children’s Graphic Round-Up

Each month I want to feature a new graphic novel for Children or Teens. My hope is to share titles that would be great for the library (either School or Public) and for personal use. I am always open for suggestions and I love to do reviews. If you know of a great series that every library should own please share in the comments below.

I really love graphic novels and comics. I think they are a great options for all kinds of readers. They are slowly gaining in popularity since geek is the new sheikh. Comics for kids have notoriously been lacking for many years in many areas. Thankfully, I am starting to see a wide variety in the publishing world. My favorites have been the History, Science and Biography graphics for kids. They are a great way to get across sometimes boring material in a new and memorable way.

Today’s graphics are a new series by the author Brad Meltzer. Fed up with the poor examples set by celebrities, he has created a series that celebrates ordinary people. These books showcase popular Historical figures in a whole new way.. as kids! The first two are about Abraham Lincoln and Amelia Earhart and were released this month. Before I review, I encourage you to check out the New York Daily News article: Brad Meltzer creates heroes for children

Abraham Lincoln only went to school for one year and still managed to be one of the most celebrated Presidents in American History. Through out the story Mr. Lincoln tells his story of overcoming ordinary obstacles that lead to great things as he becomes an adult. The story of how he stood up to bullies who were victimizing a turtle and then later himself, is a wonderful way to show that even  great people have hard moments. I really loved how it showed his humanity and gave kids tangible examples that they can use in real life. It’s truly heroic that he freed the slaves but that is something that takes a while for a child to grasp. They can understand what is means to be picked on. I also loved that he mentions that he will be on a Penny someday!

The illustrations are perfect for the story and the age of the readers. It is not so much a history book and more of an encouragement to be the best that you can be.. even on ordinary days.

Ages: 5-8 years (target) I recommend all ages!

Amelia Earhart was a little girl who never took “NO” for an answer. When someone told her that proper ladies don’t behave that way she ignored them and tried harder. Because of her daring and perseverance she became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. This is a very inspiring book for girls and women that encourages you to pursue your dreams despite what others might say. This was my favorite so far. I loved seeing her as a little girl and watching her start her flying lessons. The fact that she wasn’t perfect from the beginning is something that lots of kids and adults can relate to. Plus her flight outfit is really charming!

Ages:  5-8 years (target) I recommend all ages!


The next books in the series will be about Rosa Parks and Albert Einstein. Rosa Parks will be released in June. I highly recommend both of these for Librarians, Parents and Teachers. They are so full of optimism and encouragement. It is a great way to show real heroes vs. pop divas.

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