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Charlie Sheen Reprises Role for The Goldbergs

Charlie Sheen Reprises Role for The Goldbergs

I love the television show, The Goldbergs.  It takes me back to the 80s in a wonderful way.  I was a teenager during the 80s and I have such fond memories of the decade of Excess and MTV.

One of my favorite 80s movies is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  It is a classic of epic proportions and it was our fantasy to have a hooky day from school half as KOOL as the one that Ferris had.

Charlie Sheen has a small part in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as “Boy in the Police Station”.  He was the bad boy with a Leather Jacket in the police station and he talks to Ferris’ sister, Jeanie.  It is a classic scene (see below video)

According to People, The Goldbergs will have a their own tribute to Ferris with an episode where Barry ditches school but his day is a typical “Barry” day instead of a Ferris’ Day Off.  It will have Barry’s sister, Erica, end up at the police station and meeting the original “Boy in the Police Station”.  I hope Erica doesn’t make out with him like Jeanie did.

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