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Bill McKay Interview

Bill McKay Interview

Last year I had the privalidge of interviewing Bill McKay for GeekyKool, this year he agreed to another interview for the site. He is currently working on the comic Zombie Tramp, which has grown since the last time we talked, as well as Lady Death.

First Question: I see that Zombie Tramp has grown a lot since last year’s Comicon. How many issues have you worked on for it since then?

Bill McKay: I’ve done 33 covers for Zombie Tramp and I have another 17 that are due next year. I’m also doing coving covers for Lady Death, Dollface and Danger Doll Squad.

Second Question: So this is a busy year for you, I know your said yesterday you’re going to Detroit next week as well?

Bill McKay: Yes, I’ll be at the Motor City Con next week in Detroit for three days. I’m also doing a signing in the area on Thursday for Lady Death with my friend Simon. So I’ll be doing a lot in Michigan, and I have a busy summer touring cons as well. After Detroit I’m going to Mega Con in Orlando, Charlotte, and Boston.

Third Question: So it seems everything is working out for you now?

Bill McKay: Yes, I got lucky and started doing comic covers ten years ago. Art’s always been my focus in life. I’m happy that I get to draw every day. In fact because it’s been slow today I’ve been working on a new cover for Lady Death. At the end of the day it doesn’t pay a lot but I’m happy with what do. I have a great colorist who I’ve been working with for years and I can make money on my exclusive comic con print that I drew of Zombie Tramp. Zombie Tramp isn’t the most popular comic but the fans for it go nuts and will buy multiple copies. The world of comics can change quickly so I’m happy to make the most of it while I can. I’m surprised I’ve been able to do this for the past ten year. So I can make decent money touring, and will sell what extras I can after the con is over.

To see more of McKay’s work visit his Deviantart page at billmckay.deviantart.com.

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