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BBC Wants Big Changes for Doctor Who

Video: New Doctor Who Intro – Fan Made- Looks a Little Steampunk
The New Doctor Who show runner, Chris Chibnall, takes over in 2018.  His bosses at the BBC want a new and improved Doctor Who.  Actually, they want a retro feel Doctor back to David Tennant era like Doctor.

The 2017 Christmas episode will be the final episode under Steven Moffat.  Previous, it was unknown if Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie would stay on and reprise their roles post Moffat.  It sounds like neither Capaldi nor Mackie will remain.  Mackie has yet to make her debut on the series but her character’s time appears very limited.

BBC would like to see a young and fun Doctor. Viewership has dipped during the Capaldi era.  A younger doctor may also help boost the sale of toys, books and DVD/BluRay.

The BBC also desire a full season of Doctor Who every year.

(Via BBC)

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