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Baseball Player Josh Jung Looks for Comic Store in Every City on Road Trips

Baseball Player Josh Jung Looks for Comic Store in Every City on Road Trips

Texas Rangers third base rookie, Josh Jung, is a self-proclaimed geek.  He looks for a comic book store on every road trip around the Major League.  This allows him to relax and get away from baseball for a while.

Jung became a comic book fan when he watched the MCU movie, Captain America: The First Avenger.  A few years later, Jung was asked to dress up in cosplay as Captain America for Halloween with the Miracle League in high school.  This led him to fall in love with comics and the Marvel Universe.

Jung identifies with and loves Captain America. He has a Captain America logo water bottle. He has a mini shield on his locker at Globe Life Field.  When asked in Spring Training who his favorite superhero was, Jung just pulled out a Captain America T-Shirt from his locker.  He is really into reading comic books, which is why he finds a comic store in each city.

It would not have been KOOL back in the day for a top-level athlete to proclaim love for comics and superheroes.  Jocks were supposed to mistreat those of us that loved comics. But times have changed and I am so happy they have.  Everyone should be able to enjoy whatever geeky/nerdy interests they have.

The Texas Rangers are my favorite baseball team. I have been excited to have Josh Jung make his way up to the majors and play for my team.  Now I know that he is a fellow geek, I am even more excited.

(Via Texas Rangers)

Stay Geeky!

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