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Axanar filming to begin in 2 weeks, first of five shoots planned.

Axanar filming to begin in 2 weeks, first of five shoots planned.

Axanar, The Star Trek fan film that I have written about for the past 2 years here on GeekyKool will be having its first round of film shoots in 2 weeks in Atlanta.   As you may recall, Prelude to Axanar was released in June, 2014 at San Diego Comic Con. It has won 46 fan film awards, and has been viewed more than 4.1 million times on YouTube.

In the 5 years since Prelude was released Axanar Productions has settled a lawsuit brought against it by CBS, Moved from California to Georgia, Set up the bridge set, and Captain quarters, brought on Marvel Comics “savior” Paul Jenkins first as a writer, and then as the films director.  Axanar ramped up Pre-Production earlier this year, and in 2 weeks, filming on the Ares Bridge will take place on October 4-6.  During that weekend, the cast will also be recording an Audio dramatic reading of the full 90 minute script(Axanar was originally set to be a full length feature). The production held casting calls both last Friday and earlier this week, they held “call back” auditions.  They cast 8 roles for this shoot.  To help with the shoot, Approximately 30 volunteers have agreed to help out with various tasks(full disclosure, I had planned on being a volunteer, but real life intruded, and I wont be able to attend the shoot).

As I said there will be a total of 5 shoots. After the shoot on October 4-6, there will be a shoot in either January or February in Los Angeles, which will be for the Alien characters.  Then there will also be a “location shoot”, I know the location but can not reveal it yet. There will also be another round of shoots on the bridge set, and 1 shoot that has not been revealed.

Producer Alec Peters also revealed the title of Axanar: Episode 4 “The Gathering Storm”.  They do not have a title for Episode 5 yet, however some fans offered suggestions during Axanar Confidential tonight(until a title is picked, i will not reveal the suggestions).

If you ever wanted to see what goes on at a film shoot, Axanar has a dedicated crew to LiveStream during the entire weekend on Axanars YouTube Channel.  You can tune in at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxRrQIpejUXUi8i4mAbzSlg7


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