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August 13th Has Come & Gone….

And I’m still no closer to playing Fallout Shelter. That’s right, after my initial excitement the blessed day finally came! I installed the game, I loaded it up….

And it crashed.

Well, no problem there, I’ll just try again! I load it up again and it crashes again. I try to load it again and again and it just crashes every time. At this point, I haven’t even gotten past the tutorial so every time I load it up I get closer to the end of the tutorial and it crashes. I get frustrated. I breathe. I uninstall some apps and try again.

About the fifth time I try to load it to play it it finally loads and I’m able to play and it was worth the frustration. This game is so much fun. At first I had some trouble dragging and dropping each dweller to his or her assigned station but I got the hang of it and part of it was learning not to drag and drop so fast because the lag would cause the game to crash. The worst part is not knowing when it will crash but knowing that at some point it will and I’ll have to do some of my previous work over again kills me. At this rate I’m a horrible overseer because I can’t play for long. I don’t know if it’s my phone (probably) or that they haven’t gotten all of the bugs out of the Android version (also possible) but whatever the reason, I cannot play this game for long. I will keep trying but I can’t get my hopes up.

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