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Ares Studio Patreon Update, and information for use of studio.


If you want to Join the Patreon Campaign, the link is below. There are various levels of donations ranging from $2 – $100


So I wrote on January 19, 2019 About Ares Studios starting a Patreon to raise funds to defray some of the cost of rent and utilities for the studio.  We have now entered April, and the Patreon is has 216 donors contributing $1960 per month.  Patreon donors renew their donations every month, or they can cancel their donations, so each month, on the first of the month the number of donors and amount of donations usually drop.  For example, from March to April, the number of donors to the studio dropped to 183 and the money went all the way down to $1807.  However as we can see the number of donors and amount of donations has rebounded in the first 8 days of the month.  This is a good sign for the studio, it shows that the buzz on the studio is still strong.

This past year has seen a lot of work done as far as finishing out the bridge, and use for student fan films.  The Gwinnett County School System among others have recorded 5 short fan films.  The cool thing is the students get to use the Bridge set free of charge.

For fan film makers who want to use the studio, the cost is $500 per day of use, this basically pays the utilities cost.  anyone who wants to set up usage of the studio can email Alec Peters at Alec@AxanarProductions.com

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