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An interview with Fly By Knight Comics

An interview with Fly By Knight Comics


Fly by Knight Comics is an Indie comic company based in Springfield, MO. Created by Jared “JAG” George, their mission (besides ruling all of Springfield) is “to Create entertaining Comic books/Characters and to Create Quality works of art/Literature for both the Comic book Enthusiast as well as the casual observer.  Fly by Knight is made up of:

I got to meet these talented guys at Next Level Comics where they were promoting their newest comic series LARP. I did a brief interview and checked out some amazing drawings they had for sale to raise money for publishing costs. I picked up a sweet Star Wars print for the Library and Jared drew me an extra Chewbacca to sit on my desk.

Besides being super talented in the art department these guys were a blast to chat with. Their newest comic LARP will debut at the upcoming Rublecon, August 17th– 18th. If you live in the area, I encourage you to check it out. The admission is only $5 per person for the weekend and you get to check out all kinds of fun Geeky Kool booths and panels. There is even a costume contest for all ages.

LARP is a comic that was created from watching the real LARP players at Phelps Grove Park. One of the players was this tiny kid in a Burger King crown with a giant fake mace who was too small to keep up but not small enough that he couldn’t whack a few players while they were down. They called him “Nort” and thus the idea for a comic was born. The story has a colorful cast of characters from all walks of life and is geared towards adult readers who will get the word play and mature humor.

Characters for book 1:

  • Nort (Barbarian)– Smallest member of the team but definitely the one that kicks it the most
  • Truck Morris (Healer)– Who is only there because his AA leader thought it might be a “good idea”
  • Randy (Red Ranger)– He is so nerdy that even Nerds don’t like him
  • Billy (Sorcerer) – Resident know it all
  • *Kat (Hipster) –a female character who is a World of Warcraft master and rides a mini dragon named Sebastian. She will make her debut in the second issue per fan request.

If you want to learn more and see a few teasers head over to their Facebook page or Website:

FBKC-Real American Comics (Facebook)

FBKC- (Website)

Finally, Jared and his team also have some prints and Custom covers of Batman and Superman for sale at Next Level comics. These are very kid friendly and easy on the wallet. If you are looking for some new art for the cube at work I encourage you to check them out. My favorite is the steam-punk Ghostbuster’s print. My phone camera does not do this justice! It’s really amazing.

Stay tuned for more info on Ruble Con and an interview with Next Level games in the coming weeks.


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