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Alien Nation and Star Trek Star Gary Graham Passes Away Suddenly at Age 73

Alien Nation and Star Trek Star Gary Graham Passes Away Suddenly at Age 73

Gary Graham as Ambassador Soval

Actor and all around nice guy Gary Graham Suddenly passed away after suffering a Heart Attack Yesterday at the age of 73.  From what I learned from his Alien Nation Co-Star Eric Pierpoint, is that he suffered both the HA and a Brain Bleed(probably from falling), and he was on Life Support. His family removed him from life support, and Gary passed away surrounded by his family, including his Wife Becky.  Gary’s ex-wife Susan posted the news on Facebook This Morning.

I first met Gary Graham at Axacon 2018 down in Lawrenceville, GA. You could tell that he commanded a room when he walked in, and he definitely enjoyed being in the spotlight.  The Highlight of my day, was definitely the Lunch that we all went to. Dale Simpson, Gary and I spent the entire lunch at one end of the table, talking about firearms and warfare in general. It wasn’t the type of conversation I ever expected to have with a veteran actor, and allowed me a glimpse into a side of Gary that not a lot of people got to see. We then crossed paths at various conventions, including Star Trek Las Vegas 55, and Gary was always cordial with both myself and the fans.

Gary was a Conservative, and his politics were definitely something he fiercely held on to. In fact at one point He wasn’t going to reprise his role as Ambassador Soval in the 2 upcoming episodes of Axanar, however Gary and Showrunner/Producer Alec Peters both realized he was an important part of the filming, and Gary did film his parts back in September 2023.

Gary is best known for his role as Detective Matthew Skies In the TV series Alien Nation and the 5 Subsequent movies, as well as his Role in Star Trek Enterprise as Vulcan Ambassador Soval, a role he resumed in Prelude to Axanar and the 2 upcoming Axanar episodes. He also played Music, and was a member of the Gary Graham Band and The Sons of Kirk. Gary also was a part of the fan films Star Trek:Of Gods and Men, and Renegades.

Here is a look at Gary as Ambassador Soval in “The Vulcan Scene”, which was Directed by Robert Meyer Burnett, it was the first scene filmed for the full length version of “The Axanar Movie”, and the REAL reason that Alec Peters and Axanar Productions was sued by Paramount/CBS in the first place.

Thoughts and Prayers to his family, His Wife Becky, His Ex-wife Susan, His Daughter Haylee, and all his close friends and fans. I was someone who called Gary “My Friend”, and his loss will hurt for a long time. As the Klingon’s say “He has entered Sto-Vo-Kor”. A more worthy entrant is hard to find.

RIP Gary, and thank you for the memories, they will be a comfort for everyone as we mourn your loss.

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