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Action Comics #1 Found in Wall

Image via comicconnect.com
Image via comicconnect.com

While remodeling a house  in Elbow Lake, Minn, David Gonzalez  made a super discovery.  He found a copy of Action Comics #1 inside one of the walls.  In 1938, Action Comics #1 introduced the first ever super hero comic character, Superman, to the world.  After the instant success of Superman, super heroes began popping up all over the newsstands.  Superman is an icon character that almost everyone recognizes 75 years later.

Along with some newspapers, this classic comic book was being used as insulation in this home.  I have seen all sorts of crazy things stuffed into the walls of older homes to help keep out the outside air. I have lived in a house with little or no insulation and the winter was horrible but I wouldn’t ever stuff comics in the wall.

I am sure whoever placed the comic in the wall had no idea of the future value of this comic.  This comic is now at auction on the website Comic Connect.  It is currently going for $137,000 with a poor grade of 1.5 out of 10 (torn pages, aged, cover has come off- what do you expect from insulation?).  This comic book still has just under 14 days left on the online auction. I imagine that the price will more than double by the end of the auction.

As a kid, my father and grandfather would tear down old buildings for extra money. I would help them by ripping out boards and drywall.  I always dreamed of finding some sort of treasure, including old comics like Action Comics #1, in the walls or floor. Unfortunately, we never found anything of value in the walls.  We did find a ton of old newspapers and old rags.  As a kid, I always believed we would find something really KOOL.

Congratulations on your find David Gonzalez. You found a treasure I always dreamed of finding.

(Via Today.com)

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