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A very short Mike Zeck Interview at Tidewater Comicon

A very short Mike Zeck Interview at Tidewater Comicon

Sunday at Tidewater ComicCon I had a chance to talk with Marvel cover artist Mike Zeck.  I met him at the Con 2 years ago, and picked up a poster sized recreation of his famous Marvels Secret Wars cover

This year I picked up his #224 GI Joe Variant cover that was created for Great lakes Comic Con

I also spent a few minutes talking to him about his work in general.

Q – What was your all time favorite character to draw?

A – I would have to say Captain America because he was such a classic/iconic character to draw

Q – Any one character you never got to draw but did not?

A – No, I have drawn all the characters i really wanted to. I get asked that question a lot.

Q – do you like working for Marvel or freelance better?

A – oh definitely freelance better, but the health care could be better(laugh)

Mike was very personable, and like the rest of the artists, enjoys meeting fans at cons.  It was a good weekend, as the mid day portion of both Saturday and Sunday was full of people and artist sales were good this year.



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