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9-11~ Fifteen Years Later

Fifteen years ago today, I was running late to work. It was 7:50 AM CDT. I should have left at least 5 minutes before. I was scrambling to leave the house in a hurry. My wife and 6 month old daughter were at home.

My wife called me to come to the bedroom check out the television before I left.  I reluctantly agreed.  She was watching Good Morning America. Good Morning America cut from their regular show to the news because something horrible had just happened. A plane struck the World Trade Center. There was a ton of confusion on how it happened. They thought it was probably an accident.  As they were talking about it, my wife and I saw the second plane hit the towers live.

This started one of the scariest days of my life. There was mass confusion and panic. Gas Stations had lines for gas and the prices skyrocketed.

I made it to work that day but we got nothing done. We gathered around a Television and watched the coverage of the attacks. I cancelled all of my appointments for that day. None of my clients wanted to meet. I wanted to go home to my family.

I went home to be there with my family. This day became a day of prayer and family. Our family huddled together and watched the coverage and the confusion. We prayed for the victims’ families and for security.

What would this day do to the future of our country? What would it do to the future of our little girl? Would our world be constant chaos?

Fifteen years later, we know a few things. Our world did change that day. Our country found some unity but it was short lived. We would face other terrorist attacks but it wouldn’t be the norm. Our lives and futures did go on. There is a positive future for my kids and family.

We take this time to remember the sacrifices of all of the 9-11 victims and first responders. We pray for unity to return to our country~ not where we all agree but where we respect one another even when we disagree.


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