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45 Years Ago… STAR WARS!

45 Years Ago… STAR WARS!

On May 25, 1977, I was a 6 year old kid.  Little did I know a new movie would forever control my destiny. I remember seeing the commercials for Star Wars (before it was called A New Hope) and becoming extremely excited.  This movie looked amazing.

Over the next couple of weeks, I had friends go and see Star Wars at movie theaters.  They would tell me about the movie with so much excitement and joy.  I was 100% jealous that I hadn’t seen it.  Some of my friends even saw it multiple times.

For my parents, we waited for this movie to come to the local Drive In (Barco).  This was a big deal for my poor family to scrape the money for all us to go but they did.  I am sure they had to see it since I wouldn’t shut up about it.  It seemed like an eternity before I actually got to see this movie.

As the day came for us to go, I became uncontainably excited. My parents made me clean my room before we could go and that was all they needed to say because it motivated me.  I also had to take a nap since we would be out late seeing it at the Drive In.

Everything finally lined up and I got to see this movie.  I couldn’t wait for the previews to end so I could finally see what I had been missing.  The music came through the little drive in speaker but it was enough to set the mood for my 6 year old self.  The screen scrolled with words that I really couldn’t read at the time.  Then it happened.  A ginormous Star Destroyer came on the 100 Foot screen and I was blown away.

I will never forget seeing this movie on the Big, Big screen back in the summer of 1977.  I won’t forget seeing the people standing in line on tv seeing it for the 30th time.  I can never forget the craze that Star Wars was and still is in my heart.

My childhood was forever changed for the better by seeing Star Wars. It dominated how we played on the school yard. it changed the toys I asked for and treasured.  I changed me and put a love for science fiction and fantasy in my heart.

Thanks You, George Lucas and everyone that worked on Star Wars.   I still love what you did 45 years ago.

Happy Birthday, Star Wars!


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