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The Flying Greek Documentary Needs Your Help

Our awesome friends at American Wasteland Entertainment have a new exciting project.  They are filming a wrestling documentary about The Flying Greek.   They have begun filming this exciting look at Mike Pappas but need your help.  They have a Go Fund Me page to help with the cost of documentary.  They need to raise $5,000.00 to create  The Flying Greek documentary.

This documentary will take a look at one of the unique characters of Professional Wrestling.  Jason and Brittney will tell the story of Mike Pappas from the words of those that knew him the best in the wrestling community and outside of it.  They have a long way to go on getting their funding.  Any amount can help.

The Flying Greek is a documentary about pro wrestling’s unsung hero, high flying innovator, Mike Pappas. Manoli Savvenas, the international wrestling star, fan favorite and multiple title holder, who wrestled as Mike Pappas in the United States from 1968 – 1978, has owned his own jewelry business since 1979, where you will still find him everyday at Manoli’s Jewelers in Springfield, Missouri. Manoli’s story is a unique inspirational journey full of ups and downs, motivation, as well as fun stories that only could come from traveling the roads to events with the likes of Andre The Giant and wrestling legends like Ric Flair and Randy Savage. Award winning filmmakers Jason Brasier and Brittney Greer will be bringing Mike Pappas story to life in this feature documentary.

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