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Planet Comicon Kansas City 2018 Starts Friday- So Much to Do

It is hard to believe that Planet Comicon Kansas City 2018 starts on this upcoming Friday, February 16.  I am psyched for this but also a bit overwhelmed. There is a ton to do before this convention.  I was set back several days last week when me and my family went down ill on Wednesday.

AS a writer for Geeky KOOL, I need to line up how I will spend my time. There is time I need to attend panels and report on them. I need to be on the main floor checking stuff out and making connections.  I need to prioritize who I want to interview for our site.  I need to keep fresh articles pumping out on Geeky KOOL while preparing for this awesome convention and while at the convention.

The other side of me is the fan.  As a fan, I also must sort out my time. Where will I go and when?  I need to go through all of the Creator Guests and see what comics I want to get signed.  Then I need to dig out my comics and find the comics for those creators to sign.  I would love to stand in line for signatures from John Cusack, Alan Tudyk, Kevin Conroy and Jim Cummings but I don’t think that is an option with time and money this year.

All of this and I have to stay balanced with my family. I cannot ignore them and in fact I need to spend some extra time with the before I am gone for  Planet Comicon Kansas City 2018.  My daughter’s 17th birthday is Saturday so I am already in some hot water for going to Kansas for her big day.  Yes, I feel like a bad dad but it is the largest geek convention in the Midwest.

I feel a bit like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.  I know I am late but I have to work it all in.  Make sure to grab my steampunk pocket watch to take with me.

We all know how tiring conventions are.  Planet Comicon Kansas City 2018 is the largest Midwest convention so I will be exhausted. The challenge is to not be exhausted before I show up.  Lots and lots of coffee coming up fo rme.

Yes, there is a lot of things to do but I can’t wait for Planet Comicon Kansas City 2018.  It is always a blast to both attend as a fan and to cover for Geeky KOOL.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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