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Michael Keaton Endorses Ben Affleck as Batman

image via www.stripinfo.be/

image via www.stripinfo.be/

According to Comic Book Resources (CBR), Michael Keaton has endorsed Ben Affleck as the next Batman. Keaton’s endorsement should have a calming effect with some of the fans.  Michael Keaton’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne and Batman of often seen as the best by many fanboys (and fangirls).  When Keaton was announced to take on the cape and cowl in the late 80’s, there was an uproar about his selection but this was before the Internet and his outstanding performance won most people over.

For anyone that was stranded on a desert island for the last two weeks, Warner Bros recently announced Ben Affleck as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. This has caused quit a stir with fans on Twitter and blogs.  The outrage and concerns are all over the board but most come back to Affleck’s failure with Marvel’s Daredevil movie.   I discussed my thoughts and feeling  on this here.

Justin Timberlake has also come out in support of Affleck’s hiring as Batman.  I don’t think this will hold the same weight with the Batman fans.  But Timberlake also used the opportunity to state he would like to play the Riddler in the future.  Yeahhhh- I don’t think so.  But this would change the focus of the outrage.

Keaton was asked if he would ever consider coming back to the role of Batman.  He stated he was not closed off to the idea.  If the studios ever decided to adapt The Dark Knight Returns, then Keaton would be the top of my list to put back on the Cowl.

Image via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

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