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Image: CW’s Batwoman

This is the first look at Ruby Rose as Kate Kane aka Batwoman. The CW will introduce Batwoman to the CW cast of heroes in the big Arrow/Flash/Supergirl crossover event in December known as ElseworldsBatwoman is planned for a solo (we say solo but we know how the CW loves to add other heroes to a series) series in 2019.

This image is one of the best and most comic book accurate looking costumes for the CW or even for the DCEU.  They have pulled off the classic Batwoman design with the red hair flowing out of the cowl, the design of the cape, and the blood red bat symbol on the chest.

Kate Kane is an interesting character to bring to the CW.  As of yet, we have not seen Batman.  Here we have an important Bat Family member but don’t have the Dark Knight. Will Batman make guests appearances on Batwoman?  I speculate he will similar to Superman’s guest appearances on Supergirl.

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