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“Godless” has a vast cast who are paired perfectly with wonderful director/writer (Scott Frank) presenting a very interesting story. The plot is basic nothing new. A younger gang member severs ties to the outlaws he was raised by and starts a new; but the past always comes back as he is tracked down, bringing death and despair to the people who harbors him.

In “Godless”, in unfortunate accident takes place in La Belle, New Mexico depleting the town’s residents to nearly all woman and children. Luckily, Marshall Bill McNue (Scoot McNairy) and Deputy Whitey Winn (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) remain to keep the peace. But as the aforementioned runaway Roy Goode (Jack O’ Connell) appears on Alice Fletcher’s (Michelle Dockery) land to take refuge with the widow who’s been ostracized by the community for who she lives with and what she’s done, making it the perfect hideaway for Roy to recover. As he does, the two form a friendship that may lead to more if Roy could forget who’s chasing him, and what they might do if they find him with Alice.

Ms.Dockery is the main draw here becoming quite a powerful presence. She is fascinating but her character has her own demons. Merritt Weaver (Mary Agnes) also towers over the rest. She’s quite the fire cracker, giving us a comical colorful array of dialogue as she deals with the town. She does well opening up her character as the series ends.

Daniels needs to be commended for his villainous turn. He knows the measures of his nature and the accuracy will only harness his evil.  His mannerisms come from a place of facts usually dealing in scripture, but he doesn’t dwell on overpowering.

A lot happens within the seven episodes, Frank takes his time building back-story and rolling out flashbacks after easily teasing every tale to the highest point. Even though it seems to be grabbing more time for itself, “Godless” isn’t burning a second. Godless is that good. This is an entertaining mini-series that holds your attention as you watch an interesting plot develop and finally unfold in a dramatic and exciting climax.


It certainly earns its rating amid the graphic western violence to the nearly 5 F bombs/ several uses of Lords Name in Vain per episode along with the fact there is quite a bit of sexual content whether is be a between two women or a man and a woman, there are also a few rape scenes some more graphic than others and references and NUDITY. THIS IS ONE I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THROUGH





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