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CW’s Black Lightning Not in the Arrowverse

The CW will now have their 5th DC Comics Superhero series.  Black Lightning will join Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.   Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow are set in the same television universe, aka the Arrowverse.  Supergirl is set in another universe in the multiverse of DC.  Her show does crossover to the Arrowverse once in a while including the Invasion event from last fall.  At this time, Black Lightning is not set in the Arrowverse and is unlikely in the Supergirl Universe.  A crossover with Black Lightning and the Arrowverse  is not planned.

This can be good news, bad news, or a combination of both depending on your point of view.  A new series like Black Lightning, sure could use the boost of being in the Arrowverse or at least with a major crossover.  Last year’s Invasion crossover was a boom for each of the four series.  It gives support from each shows fan base to the other series and exposes fans to all of the series.

If Black Lightning was set in the Arrowverse, there would be pressure to abide by the continuity of the other series.  Sometimes storylines in these series are forced to fit into that world and make all of the storylines work.  This can lead to bad writing.  We know that the Arrowverse has a CW Drama factor with their characters.  This seems to bleed from series to series.  Since Black Lightning isn’t in the Arrowverse, they don’t have to keep up with continuity of the other series and doesn’t to have to have CW Drama.

Black Lightning will be the first hero series on the CW to feature a black hero and a middle aged adult with a superhero past.  His series will focus on the community and not on the world as a whole.  Black Lightning will work on turning around his gang infested city.  The 100 gang is destroying his world and he is fighting back.

I expected much less CW drama on this show.  I am excited to see Black Lightning and his children in action.  For me, Black Lightning being set outside of the Arrowverse is overall good news.

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