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Changes to Geeky KOOL

Every so often, it is a good idea to re-evaluate and do an inventory.  Recently, that is what we have done at Geeky KOOL.

The vision for Geeky KOOL was to create a family friendly geek website.  It would include a collaboration of multiple authors and creators and allow them to keep ownership of their articles. This would make Geeky KOOL about more than one person.  It would include articles about a variety of geekdom.  There would be a plethora of original articles and the geek news.

There was a huge challenge with our vision.  Bringing others into the fold and keeping them as regular writers has been difficult.  A lot of aspiring writers and geeks want to write regularly.  But when one is creating and writing for the joy of it and not for a pay check, life often gets in the way.

Over the last couple of years, I have worked hard to keep Geeky KOOL up and running.  I posted almost daily and usually 3 or more post a day.  I strived to keep up with the all the geeky news and give it the Geeky KOOL spin.  Driven by the thought that soon other writers would take up the slack and I could return to writing more original posts.

I came to the realization that Geeky KOOL had become work.  Posting the daily news became my focus. I was constantly sacrificing time to keep up with the big Geek websites.  Frustration would set in when time with my family would interfere with writing up the news.  I didn’t have time to watch many of my favorite geeky programs.  I had months of comics sitting around that I hadn’t touched.  How could I write reviews of comics, TV Shows, and movies, if I didn’t have time to enjoy them?  I won’t sacrifice time with my family for this any longer.  I also need time to work on my novel.

I came to a cross roads. I could either shut down Geeky KOOL and consider it a failure or I change what I was doing.  I resolved to change my approach because it is more important that Geeky KOOL be fun for me and others than to cover all the geek news.  I will continue to write articles but I won’t be driven by the news or by the numbers of posts.  I took some time off (as many of you have noticed).  I am rested up and ready to continue writing with my new vision for Geeky KOOL.

I am still looking for partners and creators. I am hopeful to partner with some like minded writers and get back to that part of the vision.  But if Geeky KOOL becomes only a place where I write my feeling and thoughts about Geekdom, then I am fine with that.  I love Geeky KOOL for what it is and what it might become.  It is my baby and I refuse to let it die or to kill my love for it.

I have noticed the change in my attitude. When I write, I am excited to write articles.  I look forward to sharing my take and thoughts.  I will share the great movie, TV, and book trailers that I find KOOL.  Yes the joy of Geeky KOOL is back and I love it.

What can the readers of Geeky KOOL expect going forward?  There will be fewer posts.  But these posts will come from my excitement and my heart.  I hope all of our readers will enjoy this change and still check back with our site regularly.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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