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Batman: The Return of Adam West


Adam West returns in Batman: Return of the Caped Crusader. This delightfully campy animated feature has the most famous Batman of all voices Bruce Wayne. All the main characters are drawn in replica of the original sixties actors including Ceaser Romero’s Joker.

It is, over the top exaggerated, and upbeat. Perfect family fun featuring “Holy Zero Gs, Batman!”

“Jaywalking is not only dangerous it is against the law!”

This movie is not your typical modern day Batman film. If you can’t appreciate The Adventures of Batman and Robin; do yourself a favor and skip this one. However, if you’re an all over fan of Batman, especially the older ones this tribute is for you!

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My interests include Batman, Harley Quinn, Superman, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Star Wars. Not always in that order. My articles may vary from topic to topic depending on subject matter.
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