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Winners for the Lightsaber earring giveaway

Winners for the Lightsaber earring giveaway

Using the Random Result generator and the powers of the force we have selected our winners! I decided to do two names since we only had a few entries. I wish I could have given you gals each a pair. However, I only had one of each color. The force was strong with these two since the generator picked both sides! Don’t believe me? Ask the Mister who thought it was really ironic that both colors won!











Congrats to Frances P, winner of the Sith earrings!













Congrats to Laura, winner of the Rebel earrings!

Ladies I will be sending you an email with the tag line : Lightsaber earrings. Please reply with your address so I can get these in the mail  as soon as possible.

Thanks to everyone who has pinned, liked and shared this post. Keep watching for future crafts and drawings!





One thought on “Winners for the Lightsaber earring giveaway

  1. Congratulations Ladies!

    For those that didn’t win, don’t worry, there will be more opportunities to win more stuff in the near future.

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