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That Thing You Do Cast Reunion

That Thing You Do Cast Reunion

Remember the beautiful, wonderful Oneders? This is one of my favorite movies from the 90s! It was a musical throwback to the 1960s and many musical groups that were one hit wonders.

In 1996, That Thing You Do!  Made its way to theaters. With superstar Tom Hanks at the helm with his writing and also his directorial debut.  Inspired by Hanks’ love of the ’60s musical acts. And yes That Thing You Do! Was not a huge box office smash but it is a good movie that has found its audience since its release.

Well guess what?!

Cast member Ethan Embry announced the group’s first-ever reunion via Twitter.

There is going to be a special virtual cast reunion and commentary on YouTube this Friday April 17, at 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT to honor the passing of Adam Schlesinger, tragically passed away on April 1 due to complications from COVID-19. Adam was the writer of the catch title song.

You can watch the reunion of The Oneders on their YouTube channel.

The livestream commentary is a special benefit for MusiCares. That organization provides emergency assistance to safeguard the well-being of music people in need.

According to Embry’s tweet, all four members of the original band will be joined by Liv Tyler, and a “special surprise guests.” I am hoping we see Tom Hanks join in on the virtual reunion! Also Charlize Theron could join as she was also in the movie! Who knows. But I am exciting to see this.

Thanks once again for reading this GeekyGirlNess! And stay safe everyone!

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