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Star Trek Prodigy finds a new home for season 2

Star Trek Prodigy finds a new home for season 2

Star Trek Prodigy, the animated series that is aimed at younger audiences, which was cancelled after only 1 season, had been given the “Bjo Trimble” treatment. If you do not know what that is, After Star Trek TOS(the original series) was cancelled after 2 seasons, Trek Fan Bjo Trimble led a letter writing campaign, that resulted in the first ever successful fan driven renewal in Television History. When St:Prodigy was cancelled the “Hashtag” #SaveStarTrekProdigy was started and pushed buy both the stars and showrunners. Well today it was announced that their will be a season 2, and it will appear on Netflix. Prodigy follows the adventures of 6 aliens who form a motley crew after commandeered a ship, which they know nothing about. Information about season two that has already been released has the 6 Warrant Officers in training now under the command of Admiral Janeway. This season they are being escorted to Admiral Janeway’s new ship.

Showrunner Alex Kurtzman released the following statement:

The writers are hard at work on season 2. Season 1 will be shown on Netflix later in 2023, with season 2 streaming sometime in 2024.




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