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Rocky Horror Picture Show 2016

Cox Frank N Furter

Rocky Horror Picture Show

I confess myself disappointed, this TV movie is all over the place. The stage settings are all over the place, the costumes are painful to look at half the time and the actors are terrible.

The most iconic song and dance, Time Warp, wasn’t even preformed correctly. For that there is no excuse, the lines and music are rushed. To top it all off instead of the ‘Oh no we shouldn’t’ taboo charm of the 1975 film, Laverne Cox acts like a messy dominatrix who doesn’t know what she is doing. This remake has taken all of the ‘sin’ and mystique of everyone’s beloved Tim Curry film and given us the PG remains…

I understand that it was supposed to be TV friendly, but at some point you just have to give up. I can’t even say nice try. Victoria Justice almost redeems herself in Touch Me; but when she starts to jump on the bed it’s hard to keep interest.

Christina Milian’s Magenta is hard on both the ears and on the eyes with an over the top fake English accent.

The only actor I loved and believed filled his role dead on, Starz Nair, nailed Rocky. Reeve Carney’s Riff Raff was so so.

But the bottom line is, Kenny Ortega needs to go back to Disney and take all the kids with him.

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