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New Video Sharing App launched: Welcome to Byte Creativity First

Dom Hofmann, co-founder of Vine, announced a couple years ago that he was building a new video app to be a successor to vine. A couple days ago, Byte made its debut on iOS and Android. Byte lets you shoot or upload and then share six-second videos.

Byte Creativity First features a feed, Explore page, notifications, and profiles like any social media site.

What will hopefully differentiate Byte is an early focus on helping content creators make money with their content. Which is something TikTok, and other apps largely don’t offer. The app plans to soon launch a pilot of its partner program which will be offering monetization options to people proving popular on Byte. The exact details are still unknown for this partner program but the hope is Byte would offer ad revenue, sharing, tipping, or other options to partners who prove their ability to make popular content.

Time will tell how this new app fairs against giants like TikTok but with the backing of the co founder of Vine and the recent nostalgia of Millennials who were avid Viners back in the day it looks promising.

If you are interested in the app it is now available on the App Store.
Byte Creativity First  


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