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My New Photography Hobby- Geeks Take Pictures Too

My New Photography Hobby- Geeks Take Pictures Too

Last weekend, I finally experienced a life long dream.  Since I can remember, I have been fascinated with photography.
I believe my love for photography started when I was a child reading Spider-Man comics. Peter Parker made a living taking pictures of his alter-ego, Spider-Man.  I always related Peter more than any other fictional character and now I can related to him on a whole different level.

In High School, I watched the upper class-men in the Year Book class.  They took KOOL pictures and developing them in the darkroom.  I couldn’t wait to take the class.  Unfortunately the class was taught by a teacher who wasn’t a fan of mine.  I didn’t get to take the class because it was up to this teacher to pick the students for Year Book and I didn’t make the cut.  Yet, this desire stayed with me.

Last year for my birthday, I found a nice Nikon D3200 for sale on Craigslist.  My photographer friend, Donna, took a look at the a listing for me. She gave me some advice on how much to pay and what to examine on the camera.  I met the seller at Popeyes Chicken.  I wondered if some thought were having a drug sale when I whipped out my cash onto the table and traded for a camera bag.

After I bought the camera, I spent some time taking pictures to practice.  I went to the Nature Center in Springfield. I tried a several different things to photograph but never felt like I found my grove.

My daughter, Natasha, uses the camera more than me. She is in Yearbook in High School.  She has a good eye for photography and it is natural creative outlet for her.

Last week, my friend AJ posted about a photo shoot that she was hosting for last weekend.  It was a free session.  She was calling for any models that were interested to come and have a fun creative time.  I asked her about coming and watching or possibly taking some pictures.  AJ warmly invited me to come and join her as a co-photographer. She welcomed my enthusiasm and naivety.

I had a great time learning the ropes from AJ. I watched her intently as she set the lights.  I realized some models are naturals and don’t need much instructions. Other models need a little more direction.

I took a ton of KOOL pictures. I included a few that I really liked to show off. As you can see, I was able to photograph some really KOOL stuff.  Just in these few images, we have a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter with an alien, our sexy alien with a couple of pets, a super KOOL use of lights in a dark room, a rock star, the pirate and the starlet, and the pirate with her Crystal Skull, and a Princess.

I took my first steps into my newest geeky hobby. I am sure I will find a way to even more integrate my love of geekdom with photography.  I will be sporting my camera at Planet Comicon Kansas City  and VisionCon.

Here is the list of our awesome models.  Thank you all for letting me take your pictures.

Trent Holloway
Lexy L. Morrison
Madison Herondale
Carrie Wheatley Cassavitis
Colony Renae
Adam Bass
Shelly Bowers

Stay Geeky My Friends and say Cheese!

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