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MCU Wyatt Russell Receiving Death Threats

MCU Wyatt Russell Receiving Death Threats

The MCU series on Disney+, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has a new Captain America.  Wyatt Russell is playing the character of John Walker.

In the comics, Walker was introduced in the comics in November 1986.  Walker took over the role of Captain America in the comics shortly there after by an order from the U.S. government.  He did things very different than Steve Rogers and was not liked by fans nor heroes .

At a later time, Walker was removed from the role of Captain America and it was given back to Steve Rogers.  Walker stuck around in the comics and became U.S. Agent.  He has similar abilities to Cap but a whole different attitude.

Russell is playing the character John Walker.  He isn’t John Walker.  Some fans of the MCU disdain the character of John Walker, the new Captain America.  Unfortunately, some fans have taken it WAY TOO FAR.  Russell has left social media because of it.

Wyatt Russell is receiving DEATH Threats.  People are threating an actor for playing a character that they don’t like.  They are threating to take his life because they don’t like his character, which they aren’t suppose to like.  If you hate the character, you are suppose to hate him.  If you are crazy and hate the actor, that is a problem and you need therapy.

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