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LEGO Masters Review

LEGO Masters Review

LEGO Masters Review

By Mandy Collins

Have you ever just found a show that brings back memories of your childhood that both you and your children enjoy watching together? LEGO Masters is one of those shows! This FOX Reality Competition show airs Tuesdays on Fox, 8/7c, and arrives on HULU (how we watch our episodes), the next day. Currently, we’re in the middle of the second season, and my family eagerly await each episode to air on HULU each week.

Did you know: the plural term for LEGO is LEGO? Being from a southern, rural town, I’ve always called them Legos, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear this!

Finding family-friendly shows with good-natured camaraderie is a rarity, so when HULU advertised this show last year, we eagerly anticipated it. We were not disappointed! On top of that, our kids are inspired to dig through our old plastic bucket of LEGO to build something new. These building bricks are something that all children can enjoy, and the only limits are your imagination!

The Host & Judges

Did you know: LEGO started out as a wooden toy company in the 1930s by Danish carpenter,  Ole Kirk Christiansen?

LEGO Masters is hosted by Will Arnett, the voice of LEGO Batman, and judged by  Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard. Amy and Jamie give the contestants new challenges each week, and we’re always blown away with new challenges. I mean, last week, the contestants had to build a sculpture that hung from the ceiling by a single technic brick!

The Contestants

This year there are 12 teams, and each team consists of two contestants. The teams range between friends, siblings, married couples, and father-son duos. Each team has an incredible story to tell about how they became involved with LEGO and what drives their passion to build. The creations are as unique as the contestants are diverse. Personally, I enjoy seeing a show with such a wide range of people from all walks of life. Despite coming from different cultural or financial backgrounds, LEGO builds a community that everyone can enjoy.

Did you know: the name LEGO is a combination of Danish words that mean “play well”?

Last year, we cheered on our favorite contestants, Mark & Boone, Sam & Jessica, and Tyler & Amy. This year, we haven’t discovered any personal favorites, but we’re always sad to see contestants go. We know how frustrating it can be when a build doesn’t go as planned. I can’t imagine how much pressure they endure with a cash prize riding on the line!

A Legacy for our Children

LEGO has been in my family for two generations. When I was a young, my brother and I played with these bricks for hours. My childhood family didn’t have a lot of money, but we had all of our needs met. Knowing my mom, she probably found some of our collection at yard sales. I’m sure we had Christmas and birthday gifts here and there that eventually added to the collection. I remember we stored our LEGO bricks in a large, round Tupperware container, and we dumped them out on a blue-checked bedsheet on the living room floor. We enjoyed these toys for years.

After growing up, I met my future husband and discovered he’d kept the large plastic containers of LEGO he’d accumulated since he was a child! We fell in love, married, moved around and finally bought our own home.

Once we had our own kids who grew old enough to play with LEGO (they are a choking hazard), we brought out my husband’s collection. Now our children enjoy building their own designs! Our collection of LEGO bricks has grown over the years. Maybe some day our sons can pass them on to their own children in the future.

Are you a huge LEGO fan, too? Let me know in the comments!

Until then, stay Geeky and Kool, my friends!

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