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Kickstarter: Spectral Void – Volume 1

Kickstarter: Spectral Void – Volume 1

The awesome Science Fiction comic, Spectral Void, is coming to KickstarterSpectral Void – Volume 1 is 148 pages in full color with a glossy cover. This Kickstarter includes Spectral Void issues 0 through 4 and the Special Edition.

 Escape to another world where a group of misfit characters discover new planets, encounter creatures, and are plunged into dangerous and uncertain situations. The Spectral Void’s story line is interwoven and some highlights includes the disappearance of the Spectral, a prison escape, and dangerous villains. Did I mention robots and aliens?  (Kickstarter)

Comic Creator and friend of Geeky KOOL, Chad Thomas, is the writer and artist for this awesome comic.  I first met Chad several years ago at a comic convention.  He convinced me to pick up his comic and I feel in love with it right way.

This is a great way to get the story so far all in one place.  If you like fun science fiction comics, I highly suggest Spectral Void. Check out his Kickstarter.

Stay Geeky!

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