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A GeekyGirl’s reaction to a Live Action Remake of Robin Hood

A GeekyGirl’s reaction to a Live Action Remake of Robin Hood

Disney has been remaking  a lot of our favorite   classic cartoons into live actions movies this last decade. Some more successful than others but with all the CGI effects it, in my opinion, can ruin the original magic of the story. When they launched Disney + in 2019, I was full expecting some new movies, series and such to be offered exclusively to their own streaming site. And when they offered a live action remake of Lady and the Tramp as one of their first Disney + exclusives, I was still okay with it. Mainly because they used real dogs portraying dogs and used CGI to make the characters talk. I even liked that they used a rescue for the lead role of Tramp. Live action Jungle Book was one that used CGI to create all the animals.

But I am very scared with this newest announcement. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Disney has hired Carlos Lopez Estrada, who directed Blindspotting in 2018, to direct a live action version of Robin Hood!

First let me say that the 1973 Disney Classic Robin Hood is one of my favorites! One of the reasons was the anthropomorphic animals in the story. But according to the original report, they are not changing that part of the story. This is where my fear comes into play.  With the use of a live-action/CG hybrid format, Disney hopes to bring these beloved characters to life. It sounds too much like what happened with CATS … which was so bad! Not that I hated CATS but I think they could have done that movie with using costumes like the play has done for YEARS! The CGI was distracting and so bad when layered on humans to create animals. Let’s hope Disney can do better! Please Disney do better!!!

I am glad that the reports are coming out and saying that it will also remain a musical because it should! I hope they keep the classic songs from the original and would not mind if they created a new song or so for it!

The project has a long way to go before it is in full production. Casting has not been released yet if they even have started. Let’s hope that Disney takes its time to get this one right with the whole process of turning a bunch of humans into forest animals. And let’s hope that they aren’t creepy!

Until next time stay safe and thanks for reading this GeekyGirlNess!

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