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Geeky Kool- 2012 Movies I am Hyped About part 2

Geeky Kool– 2012 Movies I am Hyped About Part 2

Geeky Kool is Larry Litle’s weekly column about his geektastic thoughts.

This is a continuation.  Part One included movies from the first four months of the year. Part 2 will include movies from May through August.  These are movies that I am excited about for 2012.

The Avengers: Marvel Comics/Entertainment has  been building to this movie since the first Iron Man movie.  This is a dream come true for Marvel fans. This is the summer movie I am most excited about. This movie has the big stars of Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. It will also feature the heroes: Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, and Nick Fury.

Men In Black III: Agent J and Agent K are back to save the world. The last Men In Black movie was 10 years ago. In this movie Agent J (Will Smith) has to time travel back to the 60s to save the present. He will team up with an earlier version of agent K.

Snow White and the Huntsman: The familiar fairy tale of Snow White with a twist. When the Huntsman spares Snow White’s life, he also agrees to train her. The big question here: Can Kristen Stewart really be fairer than Charlize Theron?  

Prometheus: Director Ridley Scott  returns to the Alien(s) Universe.  This movie takes place before the Alien movie but is not being promoted a prequel.  I am very excited about the possibility of a scary Alien type of movie from Scott.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: That is right, the sixteenth President was a Vampire Hunter. In fact, the Civil War was caused by vampires. This looks like Buffy (the movie) meets Historical Fiction. This could be extreme fun.

Brave: Pixar’s new movie, Brave, is about red headed girl who unleashes chaos on her kingdom. She has to be brave to save the kingdom. Go girl power!

GI Joe:Retaliation: GI Joe sequel- now knowing is half the battle. YO JOE!

The Amazing Spider-Man: This relaunch of the Spider-Man franchise. I am excited to see what changes they make. I know they will have Web Shooters.  The Lizard will finally make an appearance. And sweet Gwyn will be the love interest. I am excited by this movie and hope it will simply be Amazing for this Spidey fan.

The Dark Knight Rises: Nolan’s final Batman movie is highly anticipated by most comic book fans. I loved the first two movies and I am looking forward this one. This will have Catwoman and Bane.  Bane has me worried after how he was portrayed in hooky Batman and Robin movie but Nolan has yet to disappoint with this Batman franchise.  

The Bourne Legacy: The next movie in the Bourne series. They have all been exciting thrill rides with enough suspense to keep me coming back for more. I don’t see them changing the winning formula on this one.

Total Recall: This re-make is suppose to be closer to the story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale”. This whole movie will be on one planet.  I am intrigued by this movie and hope it does not disappoint. Arnold is not “BAAAAHHCK” for this movie.

Those are the movies from the 2nd third of the year that have me psyched.  I will have the list for the last 4 months up soon.  

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