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New DC Horror Comics from Joe Hill Announced

New DC Horror Comics from Joe Hill Announced

Joe Hill, son of legendary horror author Stephen King, has signed up to oversee a new project from DC comics. Hill is a best selling author in his own right, who wrote Locke & Key, NOS4A2, and Horns. He is best known for his graphic novel series Locke & Key.

 The pop up group of comic titles will focus on horror themes. DC’s Hill House Comics are due to be released this fall in October. So just in time for Halloween (My Favorite holiday!!) This line of comics is targeted to mature audiences who love horror. Hill is leading a a handful of artists. This series will include new original stories from Hill and will also include stories that follow the thread of horror to “chill bones and summon nightmares with smart, subversive narratives and haunting, heart-stopping visuals“. 

Hill took to Twitter to confirm the news that was first reported by Entertainment Weekly, “I’m so excited to get back to comics,Creatively, it’s my happiest of happy places.”

Besides the two stories Hill penned for the series he also wrote a supplementary storythat will unfold across two pages of each issue. Hill will oversee the group of artists and writers for the whole series. Included in the team is National Book Award finalist (“Her Body and Other Parties”) Carmen Maria Machado and “Sandman” comic-book artist Kelley Jones.

Here are the titles and creative teams, with descriptions that were reported by Entertainment Weekly: 

– Basketful of Heads by Hill and artist Leomacs. “Basketful of Heads starts with a young couple house-sitting a New England mansion filled with Viking artifacts: coins, shield, even an ax. Then a storm hits, and brings with it some home invaders, so the girl goes to hide. When she emerges, her boyfriend is nowhere to be found, but one of the assailants has stayed behind for her.”

The Dollhouse Family by Mike Carey and Peter Gross. “[Carey and Gross will] be exploring the life of Alice, who was gifted a big beautiful dollhouse as a child, filled with a magical family of dolls. As she gets older, Alice returns to the dollhouse, with unexpected results.”

The Low, Low Woods by Carmen Maria Machado and Dani. “…a story about a Pennsylvania mining town afflicted by a mysterious plague that eats memories.”

– Daphne Byrne by Laura Marks and Kelly Jones. “[Daphne Byrne is] set in the gaslit 1800s New York, where the titular girl discovers a strange, insidious entity within her body.”

Plunge by Hill and an artist to be announced. “Plunge concerns supernatural events in the frozen north. Back in the ’80s, a highly advanced research vessel went missing near the Arctic Circle, only to suddenly reappear 40 years later, now sending a distress signal. So a team of American researchers is sent to salvage the vessel, even as a wintry storm approaches.”

The two page serialize story that Hill will include in each issue is reportedly titled Sea Dogs. An artist has not been announced for this series. But it is reported that story is set during the American Revolution, where three American werewolves are enlisted to destroy a British naval fleet.

DC has plans for Hill House Comics to have a panel at Comic-Con International San Diego.

As a fan of horror and comics I am super excited about this new series. Let me know what you think on Facebook here.

And until next time thanks for reading this GeekyGirlNess!

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