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David Tennant Returns as Kilgrave in Second Season of Netflix Jessica Jones

Fans of David Tennant and Netflix Jessica Jones are elated by the news.  Tennant is returning in some from for the second season of Netflix Jessica Jones.   Tennant was spotted on set with co-stars Krysten Ritter and Eka Darville for Season 2.

Jessica killed his character of Killgrave (The Purple Man) at the end of the first season or did he just convince her that she did?  Is he just talking to her from the grave or did he escape from this death? Only Season Two will tell us.

Whatever the role of Killgrave, Tennant’s presence will be a great addition to the second season.  He is my favorite Doctor but he made one heck of a creepy Purple Man during the first season.

(Via Tennant News)

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