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Cells at Work Anime Review

Cells at Work Anime Review

My best friend Trent suggested I watch this anime. I did and here is my take on it.

Cells at Work is an anime based on a manga of the same name.  It is currently available in both Japanese with subtitles and in English on Netflix.

The basis the workings of the human body.. sounds kind of boring and strange for an anime. Right?

The human body is reimagined into a city where all cells live, work and try to save the city (body) from bacteria, viruses, pathogens and even allergies. They have made each cell anthropomorphic with each one having a unique personality. They are cute, funny, neurotic, clumsy and more. They have jobs to do to keep the body healthy but still have times they fail.

The series two main characters are a rookie red blood cell named AE3803. She is a cute, clumsy red blood cell who has a terrible sense of direction.  On one of her deliveries she meets a brave and strong white blood cell named U-1146. U-1146 must fight against any germs that invade the body. She develops a crush on this white blood cell.

This series has an amazing ability to teach real biology. I am serious! I even learned or at least relearned several biology lessons from watching it. It brings these educational lessons to life with a funny, charming and very entertaining way. I thoroughly enjoyed this show. It’s characters are engaging. They make you really care about them and the jobs they must do.

I confess my favorite characters are the little Platelets. They bring an adorable cuteness to the show! 

Each episode has a new threat to the city (body) that must be fought off, killed, or ejected from the body via a sneeze or something similar. We see our hero cells fight things like pathogen spider like villains or zombie like influenza. The animation is fun. Even though it is a little bloody and a little violent it isn’t in a way that should deter younger viewers. The characters are endearing and really make you truly care for them.

I binged it in one day… don’t judge! I recommend this to anyone. I am even recommending this to any teachers or homeschoolers to help teach biology  in a fun unique way.

Thanks for reading this GeekyGirlNess today! I will be writing more soon.









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