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2022 Was the 10th Anniversary of Geeky KOOL

2022 Was the 10th Anniversary of Geeky KOOL

Back in 2000s, I started writing a blog. A lot of people were writing blogs back then.  I used to write all sorts of articles on various subjects including politics, sports, and geek stuff.  After writing on it for several years, I determined what I love to write about was always the Geek stuff.

I was going to different conventions with my pre-teen daughters in the late 2000s and early 2010s.  She enjoyed hanging out with dad and embracing her different fandoms including Supergirl.  At these conventions, I realized there were a lot of kids and teens that embraced their fandoms fully.

I spent a lot of time reading articles on different geek sites.  But I quickly discovered, most of these sites had articles that weren’t friendly to families and kids.  There were a ton of cursing and often had links to other inappropriate sites.

I came to a decision.  I desired to move from a simple blog to a full on geek site with articles from myself and other creators. I discussed the possibilities with others about creating a collaborative site with the voices of different people.  This would bring content from different voices about their favorite fandoms and geekdoms.

I started investigating how to bring this idea to fruition at the beginning of 2012.  A fitting  name would be required for this site but also one that wasn’t already taken.  After much prep work, we launched Geeky KOOL in March of 2012. (I did import some prior geek articles from my prior blog).

Geeky KOOL was launched with the below ideal in mind.  This is what we still strive for here at Geeky KOOL.  It hasn’t changed in 10 years.

 GeekyKOOL.com is family oriented website. We will keep the language clean and appropriate. We will not post links to inappropriate sites or links that are not safe for work or graphic photos/videos. But we will write and review about movies, television shows, books, comics, and stories that may not be appropriate for all ages.

I was surprised when I realized that  we blew past our 10 year anniversary back at the end of March.  We are still plugging away here at Geeky KOOL after ten years.  I am in a bit of shock and awe that this vision started from a blog is still going strong and growing more every day.  We are at a high point of readership on our site and plans to grow it further next year.

I want to take a moment to thank all of our contributors from the last ten years. I couldn’t run Geeky KOOL without every one of you and what you have brought to this collaborative site.  Some of our contributors that have moved on and that is okay.  I am am so grateful for the time and creativity that every one of you gave to Geeky KOOL.

I would also like to thank all of our readers.  We went from maybe a handful of readers a week to 10,000 readers a month.  Thank you all for reading and sharing and making our site so amazing and encouraging us to continue.  THANK YOU!

Here is for another ten plus years.

Stay Geeky!

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