TV Review: Hell On Wheels

I am not usually a fan of Westerns. There are a few exceptions to this rule. Would a Western about the Rail Road industry be one of those exceptions?

Hell on Wheels is the settlement surrounding the construction area for the Union Pacific Railroad as they attempted to help create the First Transcontinental Railroad.

Cullen Bohannon is former slave owner who freed his slaves before the war after his asked him to free them. He served in the Confederate Army. His wife was murdered by members of the Union army at the end of the war. He has been on a quest to hunt down and kill those that killed his wife (and quite successfully). This led him to Hell On Wheels where he finds one of the men that killed his wife and guns him down. Through a process of events to keep him from being hung, Bohannon takes a job with the Union Pacific as a foreman.
What I liked about this Show:
This show is character driven.  It has a ton of great characters that continue to develop in front of our eyes.  As I mentioned above, Bohannon is a great character but he is not the only one.

Common is a freed slave who is trying to find his place in this world. He is intense and passionate. He believes he should be aas an equal and have the same rights as his Caucasian counter parts but this is not looked upon highly by many of his co-workers. At one point, he fights Bohannon, his foreman, to prove a point.

Who can question the awesome character of Thomas Durant. As the owner of Union Pacific Rail Road, he had money problems, labor problems, and an ego the size of Texas. It is pure pleasure to watch him scheme and manipulate the situations and for us viewers to see how he can come out on top in the end.

What I did not Like:
About the only bad thing I can say about this series is that it is not family friendly. There is cursing, blood, action, and intensity. One of the characters is a prostitute and deals with her job in Hell on Wheels.

My Review:
This show is smart and fun. I enjoy every moment of watching this show. I can not say enough good things about this show.  

My Grade:A-

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IMDB: 8.2
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