Image via Space X

Space X, the private spaceflight company, has a contract to take two private citizens to the moon.  The private citizens have paid significant deposit for the moon.  These citizens will get training, have health and fitness tests. They will be ready for space travel to the moon.  This flight will be the first trip to the moon in over 45 years.

Space X has been developing new and innovative ways to make space travel more affordable.  They have created reusable rockets which could cut the cost 30%.  They are working on these rockets landing themselves.  The private sector with Space X and Blue Origin has created a new generation of space travel.

Space X is working on their new spacecraft, Crew Dragon.  This will be used to take people back and forth from the International Space Station.  Space X plans on this type of ship transporting people to Mars to create a colony on the Red Planet.

I love Space travel. I wanted to be an astronaut when I was young. I planned on living on the Moon Base but that never happened. I am excited to see a trip to the moon happening.



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