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North Carolina’s Film Office- No Clerical Error with Swamp Thing

According to Bounding Into Comics,  the reports about the Swamp Thing being canceled because of a clerical error with the North Carolina’s Film Office is not true.  North Carolina has a maximum of 12 Million state credit.  Their yearly budget is 31 Million (9 million less than the claim).  Guy Gasser, the director of the North Carolina Film Office , cleared the air about this issue.

According to Gasser, the North Carolina’s Film Office have a good and open relationship with Warner Bros.  He believes they welcomed the Swamp Thing and all of the cast and crew. Gasser confirmed they completely fulfilled all of the contract.

It sounds like something else is going on that lead to the cancellation of Swamp Thing.  There is plenty of speculation on what it is.  Some believe the Warner Bros wants to create a mega streaming service like Disney is working on.  Others believe that the executives didn’t like the show or the concept.  There maybe some truth in both of them. We will see as things continue.

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